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My Top Five Favorite Summer 2015 Events

26 Sep
Ma! MA! Can you turn the AC up, please? It’s “gettin’ hot in hrrrre”…BOL!

Ma! MA! Can you turn the AC up, please? It’s “gettin’ hot in hrrrre”…BOL!

This post originally appeared as a Tupper’s Tidbits column in the September 23, 2015, issue of The Archway, Bryant’s student newspaper.

I’m not going to lie – summer is, like, the WORST time of year for me. I know, I know: You humans LOVE summer. Hot weather, beer, pools, vacations – all the staples of well-enjoyed human summer.

But put yourselves in my paws for a few minutes. Hot weather can kill me in 5-10 minutes because of my smushed-in face. We dogs cool off by panting, but if we have no snouts, we have less ability to cool off. We sweat through the pads of our feet…which are on pavement…which boasts temperatures upwards of 125°F in the summer. Beer? Ma won’t share. Something about it being toxic for dogs. That’s what she SAYS, anyway.

THIS is how I feel about pools.

THIS is how I feel about pools.

Pools? Fuhgeddaboudit! Bulldogs sink like stones. We can’t swim. Too much – ahem – MUSCLE densely packed. Most of us. Some bulldogs can. I don’t like water at all though. Won’t even go in the kiddie pool Ma got for me. Vacation? Try again. Ma says she can afford bulldogs or she can afford vacations, but she can’t afford both. So we stay home. That’s even worse for me!

Anyway, even though summer isn’t my favorite season, I enjoyed a few things this year. I present to you “Tupper’s Top Five Favorite Summer 2015 Events”:

  1. DAD HAD SURGERY. Now I know what you’re thinking: Tup, that’s terrible! But hear me out…he needed those new knees…and I got to spend a few weeks with the Momma because she was lonely. AND THEN SHE TOOK ME TO WORK EVERY DAY! So much fun.
  1. BOXES. A lot of stuff gets delivered to Academic Records in the summer and that means I get to shred the boxes they came in…I HAVE CONQUERED CARDBOARD!
  1. CAMPUS CONSTRUCTION. Yeah, sure, we had to take a lot of detours to get to the office, but more construction equals more construction workers equals more people to pet me because I’m so awesome.
  1. HOME MAINTENANCE. Ma had a few things done around the house. Of course, they all fell in love with me. And asked for me so they could pet me. Ma’s favorite was when the pellet stove cleaner came and ran his industrial vacuum for two straight hours…and I angrily barked at it for the full two hours. Fun!

And my number one favorite event this summer was:

  1. PHYSICIAN ASSISTANT PROGRAM STUDENTS. Folks, this master’s degree program is challenging. They needed me all summer for pet therapy. Which I gladly provided. I’ve never felt so loved over the summer! So glad Bryant started this PA program!


So there you have it. Tupper’s Top Five Favorite Summer 2015 Events. Don’t forget – I’m on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Vine. Get at me! I’ll see you soon. ’Til next time…WOOF!

Tupper’s Top Five Favorite Things About Basketball v. 2015

16 Mar
Hanging out on my throne in the stands at the half, waiting for some scratchies.

Hanging out on my throne in the stands at the half, waiting for some scratchies.

This article originally appeared in the March 5 issue of The Archway, Bryant’s student newspaper.

To say that I love basketball is an understatement. Well, if I’m being completely honest, I love all sports in which a ball is being thrown around and might come tantalizingly close to my jaws.

You may have noticed that I often walk around with some sort of ball in my mouth. If you mentioned that fact to my mom, she might have told you that I refuse to move WITHOUT my ball. Hey, everybody’s got their “thing,” right? Someone who’s insecure about their intellect might always talk about grades…someone who’s insecure about looks might post, like, a THOUSAND selfies a day.

Me? I KNOW I’m smart and beautiful. And charming. And humble…BOL! Some people speculate that I like to suckle on a ball because I was taken from my bulldog ma too soon, but that’s definitely not the case – I lived with my bulldog mom till I was 16 weeks old. That’s twice as long as most puppies! Most of my bulldog friends (I got tons on Twitter, IG, and FB!) like to suckle on blankets or stuffed animals, too.

Anyway, Bryant Basketball isn’t ALL about the ball. I present to you “Tupper’s Top Five Favorite Things About Bryant Basketball”:

  1. BASKETBALL. I know I said it isn’t ALL about the ball. But it’s a little bit about it! I love to watch the players run up and down the court bouncing it. It’s mesmerizing. Still waiting for someone to bounce it my way.
  1. DRIBBLING. Glad to know I’m not the only one who does this. Dribbling, I mean. Oh…Ma says it’s a different kind of dribbling. Wait…so I’m still the only one drooling at the games? Ma says other people might be drooling figuratively for different reasons, but I’m the only one who does so literally. That’s cool. I’ve always been a rebel.
  1. POPCORN. Sometimes, I’ll drop the ball when someone lets their kid carry his or her own popcorn ‘cuz that stuff goes EVERYWHERE when little kids try to walk and hold onto it at the same time!
  1. MY THRONE. Do you see my throne in the picture? My Uncle DP made that for me. And he brings it to every game I go to so that I have someplace to sit because the benches are too narrow. Hey, my legs are too short to anchor me. It’s a ruff life being the mascot sometimes…BOL! My Uncle DP and Auntie Kristin are awesome. They are not only MY fans – they’re fans of all Bryant athletics and huge supporters.

And my number one favorite thing about Bryant Basketball is:

  1. PEOPLE. Tons of people and most want one thing: To scratch my bum. I approve.

So there you have it. Tupper’s Top Five Favorite Things About Bryant Basketball. Don’t forget – I’m on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Vine. Get at me! I’ll see you soon. ’Til next time…WOOF!

Hey, Ma! You got a package from Amazon!

17 Nov

Listen, Ma, I know you’re super-busy at work doing your associate registrar thing, so let me help you open this package.

One second...

One second…

Let me just…I got it…I’m just going to hold it down with my right paw here, and…

Uh, ex-CYOOOZ me...

Uh, ex-CYOOOZ me…

You can just back up there, pupperazzi. I said I don’t need your help!

Hey, Ma (Woof!)

Hey, Ma (Woof!)

Ma, can you get this human with the camera outta my face? You know how I feel about cameras. And, geez…this carpet in Academic Records Office is totally disgusting!



I’ll turn around then…it’s none of your beeswax what’s in the box, anyway!

Tupper’s Take on Five Human-Animal Interactions

4 Nov

These are my people. With or without bacon. With is preferable, but I love you guys anyway.

This article originally appeared in the October 16 issue of The Archway, Bryant’s student newspaper.

There’s a Twitter account called @cuteemergency, and it’s all pictures of adorable baby animals. You don’t have to have a Twitter account to see them. Go ahead and check out “@cuteemergency”… I’ll wait. And wait. Did you SEE that fluffy baby duck?

It’s no big mystery why it’s got 1.3 million followers – humans are under so much stress and pressure constantly that they need a break from everything bad.

Okay, okay, I understand that not everyone gets to see me every day, so stress relief may be needed…BOL (Bark Out Loud for my newbie readers).  I’ve got an opinion on stuff, so I present to you “Tupper’s Take on Five Human-Animal Interactions”:

  1. HUMAN-ANIMAL BONDING. From elephant and tiger caretaker reunions (who hasn’t cried over those?) to those suffering from PTSD who feel better with their animals, we have an indisputable bond. We’re all on this planet together. You help me, I’ll bark and wake you up if the house is on fire…deal? Okay, I’m not being starved or anything, but I think this constant withholding of the bacon is mean, don’t you agree?
  1. POLICE/MILITARY ANIMALS. Drug-sniffing, bomb-sniffing, searching for lost children, searching for suspects, detecting mines, tunnels. These dudes are amazeballs! What? No, mom, “amazeballs” is a word…seriously. It’s on Dictionary.com as a slang meaning “enthusiastic approval.” I enthusiastically approve of these hard-working dogs. I mean, I couldn’t do it. Now, BACON-sniffing on the other paw…
  1. CIRCLE OF LIFE. A lot of humans freak out when they see bats. Mine doesn’t. She’s got bats that fly back and forth over her house all summer, from dusk on. She loves them because they eat mosquitoes. Of which, we got plenty. And I’m allergic to them. You know what I’m NOT allergic to? Bacon.
  1. SERVICE ANIMALS. There are dogs for the deaf, for the blind, for the wheelchair-bound. Dogs can detect cancer, insulin levels, and know when a human is about to have a seizure and protect them from harm. This elite group, true service dogs, are allowed anywhere except private homes. Emotional Support dogs help humans have a will to live, especially those suffering depression. Therapy dogs visit hospitals and such to give everyone a smile. All three groups must pass certifications and be registered. I’m a therapy dog. Obvi.

And the number one human-animal interaction I want to talk about is:

  1.  COLLEGE MASCOTS. Listen, college sports isn’t a big deal in New England – except for three places: UCONN, Yale, and Bryant University. Know why it’s a big deal here? Because these three schools have totally cool mascots beloved by many. Why do I stand out among such noble company? Because any student can come and pet me at most sporting events. I’m a dog of the people! Especially people with bacon.

So there you have it. Tupper’s Take on Five Human-Animal Interactions. Don’t forget – I’m on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and Vine. Get at me! ’Til next time…WOOF!



Social Media maven

25 Jun

It may be summer, but I’m not resting! While I wait for students to come back, I’m getting acquainted with new social media apps so that I can stay in touch with my humans! Check me out on Vine, user name “Bryant_Tuppy” and you’ll see me in motion.

You may also enjoy this one:

I know I did…

Last one. This is me drinking straight out of the bottle. Smushfaced dogs learn this early, since we’re prone to heat stroke.

Mascot Summit January 2014

14 Feb

January 21, 2014 was a momentous day, as Butler Blue III from Butler University and I met on the Bryant University Campus to discuss some of the world’s problems. We have some solutions, natch, but we may need to convene again to discuss the apparent bacon shortage in our respective homes.


You can see more photos and commentary about our visit in a special Facebook photo album. You do not have to have a Facebook account to view these photos. Just CLICK HERE!

Tupper’s Tidbits – Top Five Things to Do Over Winter Break

7 Dec

This piece originally ran in the December 7 issue of The Archway.

You can see the light at the end of the tunnel…at this point, you’re hoping it’s not a train coming at you, but the semester’s almost over! You’re going to go from 100 mph to 0 in about 5 seconds. Do you have any idea what that can do to a person (or dog)?

Winter break is awesome because it’s a loooong holiday vacation for you. You’ll see family and friends, and sleep in your own bed again. You’ll see your pets that you’ve missed, and eat mom’s and grandma’s home cooking. And then, 10 days later, you’ll be wishing you were back at Bryant. Trust me, I know these things…I’m a mascot!

Trust me, I'm a mascot.

Trust me, I’m a mascot.

But you’re going to have five or six whole weeks off! What will you do? I can tell you from my personal knowledge bank that there are things you can do to make your time off even better. “Better,” you say, “how so?” I present to you: Tupper’s Top Five Things to Do Over Winter Break:

Stop staring at me!

Stop staring at me!

5. TAKE NAPS! Did you know that young humans such as yourselves need about 9 hours of sleep each night (www.sleepfoundation.org)? Get on that! You’ve got so much work that you stay up all night and walk around like Monster-swilling zombies! Get your sleep…that’s an order! I know I’m no good unless I get my 22 hours each day! 🙂

4. VISIT YOUR DOGTOR! Health Services does a great job, but they don’t know YOU. Not like your regular dogtor does! My dogtor knows when the slightest thing is off about me. Visit your physician, say “hi,” and have him/her do a wellness check.

3. CHEW A BONE! When I get bored, I get into trouble. My chew toys are what my Momma calls “productive activity” because they help my dental and mental health. You need to make sure that you’re doing something productive during break; otherwise, re-entry in January is going to kill you! Especially you first-years who will be doing the 72-hour Bryant IDEA Program as part of the Gateway Experience…it’ll be so helpful, but each day will wipe you out – stay in practice!

2. HAVE PLAYDATES!  It is awesome to be by yourself sometimes to recharge your batteries, but make sure you’re also connecting with humans – IN PERSON! Socialization is important. It teaches you to be more independent and will make you happier and more satisfied with your life.

And the number one thing you must do over winter break is:

1. STAY IN TOUCH WITH ME! I’m going to be lonely… 😦 Check in with me on my social media accounts. Post pictures of your trips, adventures, and family members! I’ll be thinking about you when you’re gone. Spare a thought to your favorite mascot?

I will just chomp on my WJMF Frisbee until you get back.

I will just chomp on my WJMF Frisbee until you get back.

So there you have it. Tupper’s Top Five Things to Do Over Winter Break. Don’t forget – I’m on Facebook and Twitter. Get at me! ’Til next time…WOOF!

Top Five Reasons to Love Trick-Or-Treating

8 Nov

This article originally appeared in the October 25, 2012, issue of The Archway, Bryant’s student newspaper.

Oh boy, oh boy! There are a lot of reasons to love fall…it’s when college starts again, it’s football season, the air gets crisp and cool, and it’s time for Trick-or-Treats!

Fun facts about the holiday*: 1) Nearly 70 percent of Americans will celebrate this year. 2) The average person will spend about $80 on candy, decorations, and costumes. 3) Fifteen percent will dress their dogs up in costumes. I do not support that last fun fact. At all.

Can’t I just be a “high-fiving mascot” for Halloween???

And so, with October 31 just around the corner, I present to you “Tupper’s Top Five Reasons to Love Trick-or-Treat Time”:

5. THERE WILL BE HOT DOGS! What do you mean, there won’t be hot dogs? Isn’t it called “Halloweenie,” and weenie is short for “wiener,” which is a hot dog? No “ie” on the end, you say? Can we start a petition on change.org to get the name changed and set us on the right track to hot dogs?

4. MY TWITTER AND FACEBOOK FRIENDS WILL BE PUTTING THEIR DOGS IN COSTUME! And posting (and re-posting) the pictures! Some of them are pretty funny! Gracie the bulldog in Wisconsin has a Marilyn Monroe costume, complete with cleavage, and Paloma the Boston terrier in Ohio is a Geisha, complete with kimono! Why are you smirking, Momma? Uhhh…I don’t like the look you’re giving me.

This year, I was part of a couples costume…I was a dalmatian, and Momma was a firefighter…BOL!

3. THERE ARE PARTIES TO GO TO! My dogtor’s office, Northpaws Veterinary Center in Greenville, is having a Howl-O-Ween party, and I’m invited! There’s gonna be people, and dogs, and treats! What do you mean, it’s a costume pawty? You mean for you, right Momma?

2. IT’S IN THE TITLE…TREATS!  If I’m a good boy, I get non-stop treats! Kit Kats and peanut butter cups, and Milky Ways…OMNOMNOM!!! Excuse me? What do you mean, “no, those have chocolate?” Isn’t that the most delicious part? That’s what the commercials say! Chocolate is POISON to doggies?? Can we file a petition to get chocolate to be nontoxic?

And my number one favoritest thing about Trick-or-Treat Time:

1. THE TRICK-OR-TREATERS! A non-stop stream of people coming to the front door! I LOVE PEOPLE! And most of them are compelled, by my good looks and charm, to pet me and exclaim about my adorableness. With which I wholeheartedly agree. And support.

So there you have it. Tupper’s Top Five Reasons to Love Trick-or-Treat Time. Don’t forget – I’m on Facebook (www.facebook.com/bulldogtupper) and Twitter (http://twitter.com/bryanttuppy). Get at me! ’Til next time…WOOF!

*According to National Retail Federation® (www.nrf.com)

Tupper’s Top Five Life-Changing Summer Events

21 Sep

It’s a cruel (cruel), cruel summer…you’re leaving me here on my own…

This post originally appeared in the September 21, 2012 issue of The Archway.

If you’re a returning student, welcome back to Bryant! If this is your first year, I can’t wait to get to know you.

I’m your OFFICIAL mascot. Don’t be fooled by imitations. I’m the only real English bulldog mascot on campus who has a regular column in The Archway, a Facebook page, a Twitter account, and a blog. Pretty sure I’m the only one, anyway…

A few momentous events happened to me this summer, and I want to tell you about them.

5. I got to have 9 sleepovers with the Machtleys. My Momma Claire went to London and Paris without me! I didn’t mind, though, cuz I got to have a whole bunch of sleepovers with Uncle Ron and Auntie Kati Machtley, who treat me like a king. Pssst…don’t tell Momma Claire…I like it when she feels guilty!

4. Speaking of my stay at the Machtleys’ house… So while I was having my sleepovers, I got into a little trouble…Auntie Kati stepped out for a bit, and I let myself out of my crate and went exploring. I got locked in the closet and had to bodyslam the door to let Auntie Kati know where I was (she was panicking when she couldn’t find me – you can read all about it on my blog post from this summer). Pssst…don’t tell Momma Tina I can let myself out of my crate!

3. I got lonely. When you guys leave campus, you go home to your dogs and cats and friends and I’m all by myself….sigh…it’s very lonely sometimes. I miss the love and adoration…and scratchies!

Yes, yes! All hands on Tuppy all the time! Now, fetch my ball, human, and we’ll call this a perfect day!

2. I got two new leashes. What? They can’t all be pearls of wit and wisdom…I’m a dog! Getting new leashes is very exciting to me. Special thanks to Patrick in the Bryant Bookstore for donating a Bryant leash to me. You can get one for your own canine in the Bookstore, too!

And the number one life-changing event that happened this summer is:

1. I tore my ACL. Yes, just like many elite athletes before me (Tom Brady, Tiger Woods, RG3), I have a partial tear in my cruciate ligament…so while I’m recovering, I get more time in my Bulldog Buggy! The dogtor says the prescription is bed rest and physical therapy…I’m not too sure I like being prescribed anything with the word “physical” in it.

So there you have it. Tupper’s Top Five Life-Changing Summer Events. Don’t forget – I’m on Facebook and Twitter. Get at me! I’ll see you at Homecoming. ’Til next time…WOOF!

Where in the world is Tupper? (Part 1)

6 Jul

Mini-Tuppers are pocket-sized….the perfect size for traveling!

Some of you may know that I recently vacationed with my Aunt Kati and Uncle Ron Machtley. I love spending time with the whole Machtley family.

Those of you who know me well know that I don’t live on the Bryant campus with the Machtleys. I have a couple of homes, actually. I live with Momma Tina Senecal, a two-time Bryant alumna (undergrad and grad degrees), four days a week and with Momma Claire Senecal, a certified dog trainer, temperament tester, and pet-assisted therapy facilitator (and Tina’s mom) three days a week. They’re both Bryant employees.

I got to spend a week and a half with the Machtley clan because Momma Claire went to London and Paris. I thought for sure that they would take me, because, hey, who can bear to be away from me for that long? But I got a great vacation, too!

Momma Claire promised that she would take Mini-Tupper with her to visit all the places I wouldn’t have been allowed to go.

Mini-Tupper with Uncle Craig…the journey begins.

The first part of the trip was Momma and Daddy heading out to Jersey City, NJ (this state is what my friends refer to as “Dirty Jerz”) to visit with my Uncle Craig. Let us begin our trip from Rhode Island to England to France! Stay tuned for more blog posts…

P.S. Happy birthday, Daddy Del!

To Be Continued…

I do not understand why there are no photos of Tupper in the family photos area, Uncle Craig.