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Tupper’s Excellent, Adventure-filled Day, Part 3

22 Aug

When we last checked in with our intrepid hero (that’s me!), I had just met a whole bunch of Bryant students from Zhuhai, China.

I bet you thought my day couldn’t possibly get any more exciting.

But, wait… there’s more!


Ma, stop! You’re embarrassing me!

Ma gave me hugs and kisses for being SUCH a good boy.


You’re slobbering on me!

TOO many hugs and kisses…ugh, I’m not a baby anymore.

Then I got a box. (Cardboard boxes are the mortal enemy of bulldogs.) I get so much joy ripping apart boxes. ❤️


Must. Destroy.



And then Ma let me wear her vintage Patriots hat!


After the mini fashion show, I killed another enemy and wore its head as a hat…just kidding. It’s a fake panda bear hat!


Oh, what fun I was having! Until…


Wait… what’s that? Ma…you WOULDN’T!

But she did. 😕

She gave me a bribe to forgive her. I’m not gonna lie…it worked.



And then it was time to go home.


Five more minutes, Ma.

What. A. Day. The best part? I’m going to campus again tomorrow! Who knows? Maybe I’ll have more to say about that later. 😊

Tupper’s Excellent, Adventure-filled Day, Part 2

17 Aug

When we last left off on my excellent, adventure-filled day, I was suckling my old friend, Lenny Lamb.

But so much more happened.

Ma said, “Let’s go, buddy! The students from Bryant Zhuhai want to meet you!” Yes, if you haven’t heard, Bryant University has a campus in Zhuhai, China!


No, YOU’RE silly, Ma!

So we met the first group, and they were all like, “OOOOH!”


Note my tie… I like to look my best.

Okay, maybe that one girl didn’t look so happy, but she is afraid of dogs, she said. 😂


Look at this group in their Bulldog gear! 👍👍

In between, I ran into some Volleyball Bulldogs.


Go, Bulldogs!




I want to chomp mini-Tupper!



I don’t know what I was looking at, TBH…


I MET SO MANY FUN PEOPLE! But wait… there’s more. Watch for it tomorrow. (To be continued…)

Tupper’s Top Five Winter Activities – 2015

26 Feb
Tupper snow's how I roll...get it? BOL!

Tupper snow angels…it’s how I roll…get it? BOL!

This article originally appeared in the February 26 issue of The Archway, Bryant’s student newspaper.

Here’s the thing…I love winter…usually: I can stay outside and play, and mom doesn’t worry about my allergies or heatstroke or anything. But this winter has been kind of brutal. I like the snow, but I don’t like when it’s actually snowing. What can I say? I’m a complicated dog with complex feelings and emotions…BOL! This winter, it seems like it’s ALWAYS snowing. But take heart, humans. When this article gets published, it will be 22 days until spring. Twenty-two days! In the meantime, here are some suggestions to pass the time in the winter. I present to you “Tupper’s Top Five Winter Activities.”

  1. SNOW ANGELS! Make sure you wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, too. If you want the full Tuppy experience, you gotta be naked. It’s so soothing…trust me. Full disclaimer: Ma says DON’T trust me and rolling around in the snow naked is not recommended.
  1. ARTISTIC EXPRESSION! That’s what I call it when I lift my leg on every single inch of the walls of snow that line our bathroom paths. I mean, I’m limited by my height and the media (white “canvas,” yellow “paint”), but it’s still pretty fun! I’ve left my mark on every bit of the pathway Ma shoveled for me and the Frenchies.
  1. REJUVENATING FACIAL TREATMENTS! Just throw your face right in the nearest snowbank and motorboat that snow…ahhh…feels SO good! And it’s FREE. You won’t usually pay less than $50 for a good spa treatment like that.
  1. SHOVELING! I am a BIG help. Basically, this winter, with snow every other day, I’m completely INVALUABLE. If you want to see me in action, check out my six-second Vine video. HUGE help.

And my number one favorite winter activity is:

  1. EATING BACON! What’s the best thing to do when it’s cold and snowy out? Eat something warm, delicious, and satisfying, of course. Gives you sustenance for all of the aforementioned activities, too. What’s that, Ma? She says that eating bacon is technically not a winter activity. Technicality, I say. It’s an activity, and you can do it in the winter!

So there you have it. Tupper’s Top Five Winter Activities. Don’t forget – I’m on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Vine. Get at me! I’ll see you soon. ’Til next time…WOOF!

Tupper’s Top Five Questions – Answered (updated)

20 Oct

This article originally appeared in the September 25, 2014, issue of The Archway, Bryant’s student newspaper.


Looking pretty majestic at the entrance to Bulldog Stadium, if I do say so myself.

Being Bryant’s mascot is the most pawsome job in the world. I mean, I don’t have anything to compare it to, because this is my first and only job (so far), but I can’t imagine anything better. Well…maybe bacon tester would be better. But…nah, then I wouldn’t get to come to campus! Wait…can I be BOTH?

If we haven’t met yet, GET AT ME! I’m your OFFICIAL mascot. I’m the only real English bulldog mascot on campus who has a regular column in The Archway; a Facebook page; Twitter, Instagram, and Vine accounts; and a blog. Pretty sure I’m the only one, anyway…

At the start of every school year, I like to answer some of the most frequently asked questions. I present to you “Tupper’s Top Five Questions – Answered.”

  1. How’d you get picked to be the mascot? Look at me…one glance, and they were hooked. I was a gift to Bryant from Ron and Kati Machtley in honor of the Class of 2010 for exceeding their fundraising goals. Uncle Ron asked my mom, Tina Senecal ’95, ’08 MBA, if she would be my caretaker since she has French bulldogs and knew bulldogs’ special needs. She’s the lady who takes me to events. Claire Senecal, Associate Registrar (and Tina’s mom) is a certified dog trainer and temperament tester. She takes me to work, and she’s the major reason I’m such a good boy!
  1. Dude – why are you in a stroller? I can feel you judging me WAY over here, Judgy McJudgerton. Fact: I don’t like to walk; I’d rather ride. Other reasons include: I can suffer from heatstroke in minutes, I have a torn ACL, I’m allergic to grass, I’m at a better height for photos with people, and my shedding hair and drool are more contained in my stroller.
  1. Are you fat? No. Get over it, humans, I’m a bulldog. It’s how we’re built. Dogtor says I’m a healthy weight at 53 pounds. My head is giant, and my shoulders are broad. Period. ‘Nuff said.
  1. What’s with the ball? My ball! I love my ball! It’s so round, so perfect, so SQUISHY! It’s like a pacifier. Once I get it, I’m never giving it up!

And the number question you all want to know the answer to is:

  1. When are you on campus? Every home football game. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, I’m in Academic Records. And then every chance I get! I love being on campus and saying hi to you guys. And getting scratchies. And then getting MORE scratchies.

So there you have it. Tupper’s Top Five Questions – Answered. Don’t forget – I’m on Facebook, TwitterInstagram, and Vine. Get at me! I’ll see you soon. ’Til next time…WOOF!

Rhode Island’s Top Mascots

11 Jul

So here I was, sitting at home around 4 p.m. on Thursday, July 10, when Bryant University’s Twitter account broke the news:


Oh my dogness…I’m a star in my home state! I’d like to thank Dog, my family, my social media friends, my students, my alumni, my alma mater….I could go on and on and ON! Mom says not to, though, because, really, I came below a doughboy – not something to be overly proud of.

I ignore mom because I have a joie de vivre she doesn’t. I was SOOOOOO happy, I leapt for joy. And mom was scared, because I was aiming right for her.

Gird your loins! Here I come!

Gird your loins! Here I come!

But then…she caught me. Because she always does.

Here are a couple of interesting facts about this list.

1) I’m the only live mascot (which means I’m WAY more cuddly)

2) I’ve met a few of the mascots on this list. And a few who didn’t quite make the cut this time around.

We were in a YouTube commercial for Cardi’s Furniture. WATCH HERE.

You can read the entire list on the Rhode Island Monthly blog.