About Me – Tupper the English Bulldog

I am Bryant University’s official mascot. I see the world differently from way down here, and I want to share it with you.

Absolutely everybody I meet gets love from me, whether or not they like me back. That’s just my way.

Currently, I have three homes: 1) With Tina Senecal, 1995 undergrad and 2008 MBA grad of Bryant University. She currently works in Bryant’s marketing and PR office as a writer/editor. 2) With Claire Senecal, a certified dog trainer, temperament tester, and Tellington T-Touch practitioner. She’s the associate director of records and registration at Bryant. She’s also Tina’s mom. 3) On campus, because I go to a LOT of different events, not just athletic games, and I spend time with Bryant’s president and his wife, Ronald K. and Kati Machtley (pronounced MAKE-lee). That’s my Uncle Ron and Auntie Kati.

I was born in January 2010 at Ironclad Kennels in Raynham, MA, and I made my first appearance as Bryant's first-ever official live English bulldog mascot in May 2010. In the 2010 Commencement, I became part of the Class of 2010 when I received an honorary bachelor's degree in obedience and character. Mommy Tina says I have lots of the second and not so much of the first attribute.

Part of what makes me special, says Mommy Tina, is the fact that I win people over with my charm. Well, that and my drooling… I like to share it all with everyone!

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