Tupper’s Tidbits – Top 5 Reasons to Be in the Unistructure December 5

1 Dec

Papers and presentations and finals…oh, my!

I know this time of year is crazy…you just had the Thanksgiving Break, now you’re back and it’s all late-night study sessions and group projects. There’s a lot going on…and you get stressed. My humans explained this whole “stress” thing to me…sounds awful. Glad I don’t have to do it!

Kickin' it with my buddy, Cam Burke.

Kickin’ it with my buddy, Cam Burke ’14.

The good news is that this semester, my friends and I can help. Did you know I’m a certified pet assisted therapy dog? On Wednesday, December 5, I’ll be joined by a couple of King Charles cavaliers, a couple of Lhasa apsos, a golden retriever, and mixes of Chihuahua, Tibetan spaniel, and bulldog in the Roto to provide you with much needed stress relief. From 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., we’ll be there to support Wishful Thinking, a non-profit student organization that partners with Make-A-Wish Massachusetts/Rhode Island. Donate a couple of bucks – it all goes to charity – and get all the doggy loving you can handle! We’re SO worth it!

Then from 4:30 to 6 p.m. on Wednesday, December 5, Health Services is sponsoring the same type of event, but they’ll have all sorts of other stress-relieving techniques as well. Go to room M44 to get de-stressified during those times.

With finals just around the corner, I present “Tupper’s Top Five Reasons To Be in the Unistructure December 5”:

5. I’LL BE THERE! Not only am I your mascot, but did you know I’m also good luck? Just ask the people who pet me last year whose team won the E-Pitch about half an hour later…

Chillin' with Kristin Penta, Bryant alumna and employee.

Chillin’ with Kristin Penta, Bryant alumna and employee.

4. IT’S FOR A GOOD CAUSE! Children who are terminally ill get to do one thing they’ve dreamed of doing before they die, thanks to Wishful Thinking and Make-A-Wish Foundation. It really means a lot to them. Donate to them, and get some puppy loving from me and my friends!

3. YOU MISS YOUR PUPPY! I know you do…I see the tweets. My friends and I are decent substitutes.

2. WE’RE GOOD LISTENERS!  Sometimes, you just want to kvetch or complain. You don’t need someone to tell you what to do… I PROMISE we’ll never tell you what to do!


Rollin’ with my homies…Just look at the joy I bring them!

And the number one reason you must go to the Unistructure:

1. BEST. STRESS RELIEF. EVER! Really…there are tons of studies on this stuff. Pets reduce blood pressure and have a calming effect on the person who’s doing to petting…and, no, I’m not making this up because it suits my needs… 🙂

So there you have it. Tupper’s Top Five Reasons To Be in the Unistructure on December 5. Don’t forget – I’m on Facebook  and Twitter. Get at me! ’Til next time…WOOF!


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