Where in the world is Tupper? (Part 4)

22 Jul

Now showing at Royal Academy of Arts: “The Weird, the Wacky, and the Wonderful?” AWESOME!

When we last left Mini-Tupper, he was relaxing in his hotel room in Piccadilly Circus in London, England…

Well, enough of that chilling out stuff…time is linear, and we don’t have all that much of it, he said to the parental units.

First stop? Well, I’ve always fancied myself a bit of a creative performer, says Mini-Tupper (MT), so let’s check out the world-famous Royal Academy of Arts. Great idea, said the parents. That’s really immersing yourself in the culture of the country!

Doh! Did I blink, Momma?

This is a great place! It’s indoors, it’s outdoors! There are lectures, sculptures, painting, plays…fabuloso…What’s next?

The next tourist hotspot is Trafalgar Square, says the Momma. You can’t not go there…it’d be like going to New York City and not visiting Times Square!

“I gotta tell you, Tup, my man,” said MT, “I was getting SO TIRED! I wish they had taken the Bulldog Buggy to London!”

On to Trafalgar Square! Dead ahead!

But MT and the parents are troupers, so they marched on…and made some new friends!

I think the kid and his dad think my momma is crazy! BOL!

To be continued…


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