Where in the world is Tupper? (Part 2)

10 Jul

When we last left off the exciting adventures of Mini-Tupper, he was visiting with Uncle Craig in Jersey City, NJ.

Oh, the excitement of traveling! Mini-Tupper has never been out of Smithfield, RI, much less beyond New England. This next leg of the journey took the family to London, England.

Finally on the plane after a 6-hour delay cuz of thunder-boomers!

Well, understandably, he was nervous about flying. He confided that he didn’t think there was anything natural about hurtling 30,000 feet in the air in a metal tube at 600 miles per hour. But he’s game to try anything, so he didn’t get cold feet, even when in his opinion TSA got a little too familiar in the security pat-down. “Tuppy, my man,” said Mini-Me, “I thought they were gonna pull the stuffing right outta me!”

He had good traveling companions, though, because Momma Claire and Daddy Del let him have the window seat. “It’s a little scary when you can’t see the ground anymore, but I guess humans do this a lot!”

Mini-Tupper keeps his mind sharp through reading.

Mini-Tupper is highly adaptable, so after a while, he settled in with a good book. “I read a review for the movie ‘Ted’,” he said. “When will *I* be starring in a movie?”

To Be Continued…

*YAWN* It’s a long flight…I should take a little dog-nap…


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