What I did on my summer vacation (as dictated to Kati Machtley)

3 Jul

Some of you may know that I was on vacation with Aunt Kati and Uncle Ron this past weekend.  Uncle Ron lifted my crate and me into the back of his car and off we went on Friday afternoon to a lovely coastal town. (I am a very good boy in the car, in case you wondered.)

After breakfast on Saturday, I was given a little “me time” when Uncle Ron went to play golf and Aunt Kati went to the Farmer’s Market. I was in my crate minding my own business while the fan beside the crate cooled me off. The next thing I knew, the door to the crate magically opened! I was free! What a great feeling!

What do you mean, “limited access to the house?”!!

Now what kind of mischief could I get into today??  Where did they hide the dog treats? What could I discover that would be good to chew on? I knew what I wanted: I wanted to find Aunt Kati’s slipper, which I had already absconded with a couple of days earlier. On Thursday I snuck Aunt Kati’s slipper into my crate when no one was looking. Let me tell you, she didn’t make it easy. She put it up on a bench, supposedly out of my reach…but she underestimated my bulldoggy determination! I got it, all right!

Hey…now, where’s that slipper?

Aunt Kati kept wondering why I wanted to go into my crate when they were eating breakfast.  Normally (when there’s food involved) I like to sit right on Uncle Ron’s foot and give Aunt Kati my paw at the breakfast table.

By the time Aunt Kati discovered that it was missing, I managed to chew a hole in the sole of her white terry cloth slipper, and I also slimed it. (Sorry, Aunt Kati.) Aunt Kati just took it, and put it in the laundry room to be washed. I didn’t even get yelled at! Being a mascot has its privileges.

Anyway….back to Saturday.  So there I was, sprung from my crate, snooping around, looking into every corner of the house where I wasn’t usually allowed. Then I managed to find a great, big closet. “Is this where they keep the dog treats?” I wondered. Well as soon as I got a good look at what was in there, I turned around to leave, and the door closed behind me.

There I was…stuck in the closet! There was nothing to chew in there, not even a shoe or a glove.  It was so boring and dark in there. But at least it was cool.

The next thing I know I hear Aunt Kati calling “Tupper, Tupper, where are you?”  Poor Aunt Kati must have thought that I was kidnapped since she looked all over the house for me for about 10 minutes.  Then she tried to call Cousin Erin to see if she had come over to take me for a walk.

What could I do to let her know where I was? I am not a barker, so of course I didn’t think of doing that.  But I know I’ve opened doors before with my hard head, so I figured that if I bumped the closet door hard enough it might open.

Bump…bump…bump… I kept bumping the door, and luckily she was right in the family room by the closet and heard me.  She opened the door, and boy was I happy to see her! Aunt Kati was so relieved to see that I had not been dognapped.  She checked me to see if I was all right and then gave me a treat, and took me outside for a nice walk (hmmmm…I may have to trap myself in the closet more often!). Then she gave me my favorite lunch, and we had time together in the family room.

So even though I got into a little bit of mischief, I am still having a good time.  Now I am back at Bryant, and by the way, it’s time to eat. Aunt Kati….Aunt Kati…where are you??


2 Responses to “What I did on my summer vacation (as dictated to Kati Machtley)”

  1. elyse garrett July 3, 2012 at 6:46 pm #

    Ohhh, Tupper!!! So glad you are ok! At least it was a nice place to take a nap! 🙂 But I bet you are glad to be back home ❤

    • Tuppy July 3, 2012 at 7:01 pm #

      Well, I’m still with the Machtleys…I’ll be home on Thursday!

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