Tupper’s Tidbits: Top Five Barks of Advice to New Grads

25 May

I can’t believe the year’s over! Where did the time go? Seems like only yesterday I was writing my first Tidbits column, and telling new students, faculty, and staff all about me. I’m getting a little choked up thinking about all my friends who just walked under the Bryant Archway…I wonder, “Will they remember me? Will they keep in touch through Twitter and Facebook? Will they remember how to scratch me next time they see me?” Important ponderings, to be sure.

The school year’s over? NOW what do I do??

So, I thought the best graduation gift I can give to my seniors are some pearls of wisdom, some nuggets of insight from their favorite bulldog mascot (to be clear, I am referring to ME). Thus, “Tupper’s Top Five Barks of Advice to Graduating Seniors” was born.

5. Say “yes” to every work opportunity. You can’t even imagine what new skill or person you may meet who will change your life. Heck, I’m your mascot because my Mommas said, “yes,” when President Machtley asked them if they would be caretakers to an English bulldog.

4. Be true to yourself. If it feels wrong, it IS wrong. Or, if it feels right, go with it. Embody the Character of Success, and don’t lose focus. For instance, I gotta be me, so I chill in my Bulldog Buggy!

3. Keep in touch with Bryant. At least make sure your e-mail and work information are current in Bryant’s Alumni Relations Office. You could be the next featured alum in the magazine or enewsletter!

2. Someday, you’re gonna be rich. Remember that a lot of the resources you used at Bryant were made possible through alumni donations…think about what might have made your time at Bryant better, and make it happen on campus. I, myself, am considering donating a tree or fire hydrant…

1. You are not going to be an alumni. Don’t worry, I’m not saying you’re not going to graduate, but you need to learn the proper lingo. They don’t teach Latin anymore, so here’s a lesson from Professor Tupper: An ALUMNA is one female graduate. An ALUMNUS is one male graduate. ALUMNI refers to two or more graduates – could be all male or a mix of male and female. ALUMNAE (a-lum-NEE) refers to two or more female graduates. Alum is slang (not alumn)…use it (or alums) when in doubt!

There you have it. What are you gonna do without me? Keep up with my life on Facebook or Twitter. I don’t just disappear in the summer; I’ll still be around! ’Til next time…Woof!


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