Tupper’s Tidbits: Top Five Places You Can Find Me

20 Feb

I use my big brain to contemplate life and such.

As you may know, I am a proud alumnus of Bryant University, Class of 2010, and the official mascot of this distinguished institution. If it were up to me, I would be on campus every day, and attending every event (especially if food was involved).

HOWEVER, I am at the mercy of my humans, who must pick and choose where I can go and when, since they have to do something called their “jobs.” Pppppffffttt…whatever! Momma Tina takes me places when she can on the weekend, but for some reason, she thinks she should have some time off from work every now and again (as if!) to do stuff around the house. I only let her because that includes making my food.

I am a bulldog and we have special health needs and issues. When the warm weather is here, the Mommas will have to take into consideration whether going (and/or staying) at an event is in my best interest – that’s part of being my caretakers. They wanted me to tell you that if it were up to them, I would be at every function on campus. Here are some of the ones I’m almost guaranteed to be at:

5. Relay for Life. This one’s an easy decision. Lots of people (and dogs) are touched by this disease. My daddy and uncle are survivors. My friend, Kristin, who bought me my awesome bulldog buggy, is a survivor. Students hold an event on campus every year, and they raise lots of money for research. I support everything about this event.

Yep, the ladies love me!

At a football game, surrounded by cute girls, sitting in my bulldog buggy...life doesn't get better!

4. Special Olympics. As soon as I found out I didn’t have to do anything physical, I was totally in! Bryant students organize this event for all Special Olympians in Northern Rhode Island. It’s amazing!

3. Commencement. I won’t be able to stay all day, but I’ll be standing next to Uncle Ron to watch you process through the Archway. I’m already verklempt thinking about saying “goodbye” to some of you!

2. Every single home football game. It’s in my contract. The Mommas can’t get out of it! BOL! This includes Homecoming and Reunion, so come out and meet me!

1. Orientation. Again, I can’t go to all sessions, but I beg the Mommas to take me to at least a couple of events. You can usually find me outside Salmanson waiting for kisses and scratches.

So there you have it. Have an evening or weekend event you think I should be at? Ask me on Facebook, Twitter, or send me an e-mail. Please give more than 5 days’ notice…the humans need to be able to check and/or rearrange their schedules. ’til next time…WOOF!


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